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UHMS Board of Directors
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The UHMS is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall consist of the elected officers of the Society as described in Article VI, the two (2) most recent past presidents of the Society, and two representatives of the Associate members, one of whom shall be a Corporate Associate member. The Associate members of the Board of Directors shall be elected to staggered two year terms by the Associate membership. The President of the Society shall serve as the Chair of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors shall comprise the elected officers of the Society. The Board of Directors shall represent the Society in the conduct of all scientific and business affairs, subject to the applicable provisions of the By-Laws. The Executive Director shall attend the meetings of the Board of Directors as an Ex-Officio member without voting privileges. The process for transition to constitutionally approved changes in the size, makeup and membership of the Board of Directors shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors.

Any member of the UHMS wishing to attend a Board of Directors meeting can do so with the permission of the Chair (the President). This request must be submitted in writing at least 14 days before the meeting. The decision of the Chair is final. In addition, the Chair may invite any individual to report or join in discussions at a specific meeting of the Board of Directors.

Contact information for the Board of Directors:


(F) Jim Holm, M.D., FUHM
Virginia Mason Medical Center
1100 Ninth Avenue, H4-CHM
Seattle, WA 98101
United States
Phone: (206) 583-2241
Fax: (206) 223-8804



(F) Folke Lind, MD, PhD, FUHM
Stromkarlsvagen 60
SE 167 62, Bromma
Phone: +46 8 51775557



(F) Enoch Huang, MD, FUHM
Adventist Medical Center
10201 SE Main Street, Suite 9
Portland, Oregon 97216
United States
Phone: 503 252-4325
Fax: 503 261-6789 


(F) John Feldmeier, DO, FUHM
Dept. of Radiation Oncology
3000 Arlington Ave.
Toledo, OH 43614-5807
United States
Phone: (419) 383‑4541
Fax: (419) 383‑3040



(F) Brett Hart, M.D, FUHM
Navy Operational Medicine Institute
Hyperbaric Medicine Department, 
Code 327, 340 Hulse Road
Pensacola, FL 32508
United States
Phone: (850) 452-3297
Fax: 850 452-4541



(F) Enrico Camporesi, MD
459 Severn Ave
Tampa, FL 33606
United States
Phone: 813 844-7170
Mobile: 813 600-9094


M-A-L (2017)

(R) John "Jake” Freiberger, MD
830 Kenmore Rd
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
United States
Phone: 919684-6726


M-A-L (2015)

(R) Tracy LeGros, MD, Ph.D
Keith Van Meter and Associates
440 40th St
New Orleans, LA 70124
United States
Phone: 504 439-1233
Mobile: 504 439-1233


M-A-L (2016)

(R) Nicholas Bird, MD, MMM, UHM, ABFM
204 Bennington Pkwy
Durham, NC 27713
United States
Phone: 919 699-5505



(A) Kip Posey, CHT
International ATMO
414 Navarro, Suite 502
San Antonio, TX 78205
United States
Phone: (210) 615-8334
(210) 223-4864



(A) Valerie Short, RN
3010 Elm Gate Street
San Antonio, TX 78230
United States
Phone: 803 434-1241
Fax: 803 434-4354



John Peters, MBA, FACHE
631 U.S. Highway 1, Suite 307
North Palm Beach, FL 33408
Phone: 561 271-3276
Fax: 561 622-5220





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