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Your Membership Dues are tax deductible as prescribed by law as the UHMS is a 501c3 non-profit Society.

Membership Application  

Individual Membership Categories:

Most UHMS members are diving or hyperbaric scientists and physicians. Hyperbaric medicine nurses, technicians, sports and commercial divers as well as those with an interest in hyperbaric and diving medicine comprise a substantial group of associate members; and the ranks of student members are rapidly expanding.

Membership is available at the following levels:

Fellow of Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine (FUHM)($400): Candidates considered eligible for FUHM award will be members of the Society in good standing that have devoted significant time and effort to the practice or advancement of Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine (UHM), achieved a high level of expertise in their field, and demonstrate professional and ethical standards consistent with the aims and expectations of the UHMS.  FUHM award is presently primarily aimed at recognizing excellence in clinical practice, with medical practitioners being eligible for full FUHM status (must submit FUHM application to be approved by Board of Directors)

Regular (R)($275): Regular Members of the Society shall be physicians or doctorate level health care professionals (MD, DO, PhD, DPM, DDS, or equivalent). This category will include those Associates waived by the BOD as exceptional cases.

Regular, Government/Military/Academic (RG)($230): Members shall be doctorate level health care professionals in active government service, or doctorate level life sciences professionals in academic or government service.

In-Training (IT)($120): Members shall be physicians (MD or DO) currently in a formal post-graduate training program (internship, residency or fellowship or post-graduate doctoral trainee)

Associate (A)($75)/ (AJ)($135 if you would like to receive the UHM Journal): Hyperbaric technicians, registered nurses, physicians assistants, undergraduate students, diving supervisors, certified scuba instructors, or other hyperbaric or diving personnel with specialized technical or research backgrounds, but who do not possess the academic background for Regular Membership, can become Associate Members of the Society. Regular Members (retired) who are 65 or older and are not working; can also fall under this category; however they will not have voting rights.] Associate Members are not entitled to vote or to hold office.

Student Membership (S)($0 Non-paying):  Must submit a letter from the Registrar confirming full-time enrollment and the program the student is currently enrolled in.  Must be a full-time student enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs in a related field of nursing, medicine or science.  Student members will receive online access to the UHM Journal and our Membership Newsletter, Pressure along with all other membership benefits.  This membership type is non-paying and eligibility must be confirmed annually with enrollment information. Student members are not eligible to vote or hold office.  (NEW! April 2014)

Corporate Membership Categories:
UHMS Corporate Members include a variety of prestigious international and U.S. corporations, associations, health care facilities, foundations, or partnerships in the field of diving and hyperbaric medicine. The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society continues to be dedicated to the progress and advancement of diving, hyperbaric medicine and wound care and we value the allegiance of our sponsors who are also committed to these endeavors.  Corporate membership is available to corporations or companies that are supportive of the mission, purpose and goals of UHMS and wish to support our organization financially.

Levels of Corporate Membership:

BRONZE ($1,000) - A Corporate Member contributing the basic amount annually shall be designated as a Bronze Corporate Member, and may appoint two (2) persons as Corporate Affiliate Member Representatives.

GOLD ($1,500) - A Corporate Member contributing one and one half times the basic amount annually shall be designated as a Gold Corporate Member, and may appoint three (3) persons as Corporate Affiliate Member Representatives.

PLATINUM ($2,000) - A Corporate Member contributing double the basic amount (or more) annually shall be designated as a Platinum Corporate Member, and may appoint four (4) persons as Corporate Affiliate Member Representatives.

Start receiving these benefits and much more today!

  • Regular membership receives a subscription to the UHMS peer-reviewed journal, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine. Associate membership can purchase the UHM journal at a discount rate
  • Discount on registration fees for the UHMS annual scientific meeting
  • 10% discount on all publications
  • Online access and document delivery privileges to the Duke University Medical Center
  • Library and archives, including the extensive UHMS collections
  • Online access to the medical journal Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine, the newsletter Pressure, scientific and clinical abstracts, membership directory, hyperbaric chamber directory and reference files
  • CME opportunities from UHMS sponsored professional courses. UHMS is accredited through ACCME.
  • Advocacy of high standards of practice through the implementation of treatment guidelines, position statements and clinical hyperbaric facility accreditation
  • Assistance with the development of accreditation standards and programs throughout the world
  • Professional endorsement of the scientific evidence for medical conditions responding to hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Collective representation in hyperbaric medicine to federal, state and local agencies on matters related to efficacy, standards of care, reimbursement, etc.
  • Updates of vital legislative and regulatory affairs
  • A forum for scientific communication in undersea and hyperbaric medicine

If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact:

Lisa Tidd
Membership Coordinator
919-490-5140 ext 103



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