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STRN frequency of treatment
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8/6/2012 at 3:55:01 PM GMT
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STRN frequency of treatment
We have been treating a 72 yo female for STRN following therapy for nasopharyngeal CA, who was unable to swallow, had frequent aspiration pneumonias.  Swallowing eval now somewhat improved.  But she now insists in coming for HBOT only once a week.  Is there any benefit to treat once a week?

9/6/2012 at 2:40:58 PM GMT
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I see no benefit from 1 tx a week.  She really needs to have that consistency of coming 5 days a week.  I hope the doctors see that as well. 

Last edited Thursday, September 06, 2012
10/18/2012 at 4:23:08 AM GMT
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Actually, evidence to date supports that it is the cumulative number of treatments that determines outcome, and not the frequency.  This data comes out of the vibrant body of literature from Seattle's Virginia Mason hyperbaric center.  So once a week for 40-60 weeks should, at least based on the best available literature, be as good as BID treatments for 20-30 days, as both lead to 40-60 treatments total.

11/1/2012 at 6:01:27 PM GMT
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Working at VM... I tend to agree that one treatment a week is likely to not be as effective and would take a long time to complete.  But we do allow flexiblity in scheduling and I like to have a minimum of 3 a week if possible.

The data from Dr. Hampson's study (Hampson NB. Rate of delivery of hyperbaric oxygen treatments does not affect response in soft tissue radionecrois. UHM 2007; 34(5): 329-34) looked at this.  The group of 3 or less a week were looked at and there was no significant difference in outcome (rad cystitis and proctitis patients) compared to the group with 7 or more treatments a week.  It was also looked at with 5 or less a week vs. > 5 a week... and no difference.  They did not have enough patients that only did one a week to look at this specifically.


J Holm

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