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2/26/2013 at 1:02:15 AM GMT
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Anyone with any experience treating pts with concussions?  Two teenagers two months from concussion undergoing vestibular rehab but still not doing well.  I have seem some information on lower dose HBO.  I realize insurance may not pay, but parents are desperate.


3/5/2013 at 6:26:20 PM GMT
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The clinical trials that are on-going right now are looking at post-concussion treatment with 60 mins of 100% O2 at 1.5 ATA.  I believe they are doing 5 sessions/week for 40 sessions.  Here's a link to the clinical trial: The preliminary data is impressive.

We have treated a few patients with post concussion symptoms and have had some good results. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover this indication.

Rosemary Byrne NP
Certified Hyperbaric Registered Nurse