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URGENT: Myeloma with Wegener's Granulmatosis
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9/30/2013 at 9:12:39 PM GMT
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URGENT: Myeloma with Wegener's Granulmatosis


I was wondering if anyone has any experience of treating Myeloma with Wegener's Granulomatosis - or at least something akin to the latter - with HBOT? I am looking for supportive evidence of some sort, that may convince the Haematology consultant dealing with my father's case, to consider HBOT as a possible solution for the lesions he has across his hands, abdomen and his lower extremities.He can barely walk, as the lesions cause him considerable pain.

Just to make you aware, none of the people at the hospital in the UK where he is being treated, have ever seen anything like it, apparently (just had his 3rd round of photographs take today, 6 weeks after diagnosis).

I have done a fair bit of research, which seems to suggest that it could be beneficial. The consultant who is dealing with the case, has been very dismissive of the evidence I have presented (didn't even look at it - he is very busy though...!). His main concern is that elevated partial pressures of O2 may lead to an increase in the growth/spread of the Myeloma.

Is he correct?

I am not trying to cure the Myeloma, by the way! I am trying to find something that may accelerate the healing of the lesions, to improve my father's quality of life. 

If anyone has any experience with this kind of thing, I would really appreciate your feedback.

Many thanks in advance.

Last edited Tuesday, October 01, 2013
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