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Equine Chamber Explosion in Florida
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2/24/2012 at 7:52:54 PM GMT
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Equine Chamber Explosion in Florida

Is anyone going to talk about the Equine chamber explosion in Florida where we lost a CHVT? Seems to me that this horrible accident needs some discusion. Guess I'll start it. >>>

       Why is it from all the photos and videos of that system that are available on the internet does the Equine Chamber look like an accident waiting to happen? Really, 100% oxygen chamber of that size and from what I saw it was not even close to being clean enough for pumping it with %100!  If horse hoofs will chip the coating and create the spark that blew this one up, wouldn't some type of covering for the horse hoofs be required then? Also, why are there viewports low enough that an aggitated horse could kick one if it got unstable? Seems to me the viewports would be higher and have some of safety guard. And lastly, the reports say this horse was not "sedated as usual" that time, really? , Why would that not be standard operating procedures just like normal check lists used in People Vessles?   I know that we operate under the PVHO-1 standards because of the human element to our procedures, but clearly humans will always be running Class C chambers and if they fail, as did this one, humans will be around the carnage when it goes.   Hal

Hal R Hodes, CHT, DMT, EMT USN Diver (ret.)
The Woundcare Instititue @ LRMC
Hyperbaric Technician / Safety Director

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