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AICD in monoplace
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12/4/2012 at 8:52:42 PM GMT
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AICD in monoplace

Does anyone have any experience or references to info about the use of AICD in monoplace?  If the manufacturer has verified the safety of the AICD to the desired treatment depth (ie.2-3 ATA), are there fire/other hazards  that have prevented you from diving patients with AICD?  Does anyone know what brands of AICD have been tested?  If you have done HBOT Treatments on a patient with AICD in monoplace, was it your policy to deactivate the AICD before the treatment, and if so, what study/info was this based on?  Our MD had heard about a study using rabbits in which the firing of the AICD caused some type of spark to be emitted from the paws of the rabbit???

Thanks for any info that anyone may have

12/7/2012 at 2:09:11 PM GMT
Posts: 4
We have had two patients with AICD, both made by Physio.  Each patient did 60 treatments without any problems whatsoever.  Each one was treated at 2.5 ATA. 

12/7/2012 at 2:10:06 PM GMT
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Also, the devices were not deactivated prior to treatment.

12/14/2012 at 11:55:47 PM GMT
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We treat regularly without any problem, although we always check with manufacturer to make sure that particular device is safe from malfunction or damage under pressure.  A  CXR is always done along with a physical exam to confirm no lead is eroding through skin (that can definitely happen, but is very rare and easy to recognize).  As long as the PM is under skin and OK under pressure, no problem.

P Benson MD

12/27/2012 at 3:53:53 PM GMT
Posts: 17
Check with the manufacturer and ask them to send you paperwork that shows what ATA they have been tested at and if they are safe.  Bottom line is, it's the decision of the medical director and or safety director.  We have had no issues treating patients at our facility.

2/15/2013 at 5:48:17 PM GMT
Posts: 9
We have had no problems treated patients with AICD. I always get a copy of the patients card, call the manufacturer and have them fax me the relevant approval paperwork. Most I have come across have been approved to 2.5 ATA or 3 ATA.

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