Special issue: BIMA Study - Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Journal, Volume 43, Issue 5 (PDF Download)



Available to the public for $25/issue, this edition of the UHM Journal has a wide appeal. The BIMA special issue reports on the Brain Injury and Mechanisms of Action of Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO2) for Persistent Post-Concussive Symptoms after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) (BIMA) Study. Sponsored by the Department of Defense and held under an investigational new drug application by the Office of the Army Surgeon General, the BIMA study is one of the largest and most complex clinical trials of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) for post-concussive symptoms (PCS) in U.S. military service members.

This document describes in detail the experimental techniques utilized. These assessments include testing of vestibular, audiologic, neuropsychological, autonomic, neurological and ocular functions; neuroimaging; sleep quality; physical examinations; and laboratory testing. The study enrolled active-duty military and veteran personnel with mild TBI sustained while on active duty who are still symptomatic three months to five years later.

A future document in preparation will present the bulk of the findings.

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