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Physician - Hyperbaric and Wound Care - Chipley, FL



The Wound Healing Institute of Chipley, FL Physician is responsible for the quality of wound and/or hyperbaric service provided and accountable to the medical staff and the hospital administration for the activities of the wound and hyperbaric unit. Wound Healing Institute physician will be knowledgeable in the procedures and techniques of wound care and hyperbaric/diving medicine. Acts as a leader, oversees activities within the center including peer review and is a decision maker.

Advises IHS on subjects relating to the rendition of medical and other health services through the Program including short and long term planning activities and program development, the development of educational programs for the community, area physicians, and other health care professionals regarding the Program and any special needs for the provision of such services such as recommending the purchase of supplies, materials, equipment, and space.
Assists IHS and Hospital in completing all necessary tasks for obtaining and maintaining JCAHO accreditation and for compliance with all licenses, laws and regulations, and accreditation standards applicable to the Program.
Assists IHS with establishing clinical protocols, policies, procedures, and guidelines for the delivery of patient care services and other clinically related activities relating to implementation and management of the Program.
Conducts professional continuing education sessions and/or communicate new developments in the treatment and care of patients by the Program to Hospital’s medical staff and clinical personnel.
Provides clinical direction, oversight, and physician leadership to the Program, including the evaluation and supervision of performance improvement activities for the Program and provides ongoing essment and improvement in the quality of care and services.
Performs chart reviews as requested by IHS and/or Hospital for peer review and/or quality review purposes and provides reports as necessary to appropriate committees.
Is responsible for Medical Staff integration of the Program into the primary functions of the Hospital.
Makes recommendations regarding IHS and/or Hospital’s personnel and staffing of the Program.
Makes recommendations to IHS and/or Hospital as requested regarding the qualifications and competency of the Program’s personnel who provide patient care and clinical services.
Responsible to ensure physician coverage for the hours of operation in the Wound Healing Institute and hyperbaric physician coverage.

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Company Innovative Healing Systems
Job Title Physician - Hyperbaric and Wound Care

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Physician - Hyperbaric and Wound Care - Chipley, FL

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