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How to Prepare for Accreditation Workshop


The purpose of this virtual workshop is to provide an overview of the UHMS Clinical Hyperbaric Facility Accreditation Program, its structure, survey processes and "insider tips” on preparing to undergo an accreditation survey. Experienced surveyor faculty members will provide a comprehensive overview of the process to streamline preparation.

If you are interested in attending our virtual workshops (timeline schedule below), email us using the email button below or call us at: 

Direct: 210-404-1553


All workshops will be conducted in Eastern Time (ET). 

1300-1310   Welcome/Introductions 
1310-1410  How to Prepare for Accreditation
1410-1415  Break
1415-1455  Where to Start
1455-1500  Break
1500-1520  Organizational Planning
1520-1545  Survey Day, What to Expect
1545-1600  Discussion/Questions
1600  Adjourn