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CME Sponsorship

The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society is accredited by the ACCME since 1985 to provide continuing medical education for physicians (MD/DO).  We offer directly provided (UHMS) educational activities in-person, livestream, and through the UHMS Online CME Portal ( 

We also work in joint providership with other non-accredited organizations as their physician CME accredited provider. Ineligible companies are prohibited from engaging in joint providership with accredited providers. The ACCME defines ineligible companies as "those whose primary business is producing, marketing, selling, re-selling, or distributing healthcare products used by or on patients." 

All CME educational activities accredited by the UHMS must be developed and presented in compliance with the ACCME Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education, the AMA PRA Credit System requirements, and meet the UHMS standards and policies as documented in our CME Guidebook.

The Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education are designed to ensure that accredited continuing education serves the needs of patients and the public, is based on valid content, and is free from commercial influence. The Standards were released in December 2020, replacing the Standards for Commercial Support: Standards to Ensure Independence in CME Activities. 

Below you will find information on applying for or renewing an existing jointly provided CME Activity with the UHMS.


All documents should be sent electronically to Stacy Harmon at  

UHMS CME Guidebook (effective January 1, 2022)


CME Annual Application Fee (including enduring material): $500 per year
CME Closing Report Processing Fee (due at each course closing): $300 per course

Click on the link below for the CME payment form and application instructions:

CME Payment Form and Application Instructions - 2022 (word doc)

☐ Letter of Agreement Joint Providership Eligible Organization
☐ CME Application for UHMS Accredited Education 
☐ Schedule: include lecture title, faculty member, designated start/stop time, and lunch/breaks so all hours are designated. Exam time can count for CME only if it is conducted on-site as part of the educational activity (live courses)
☐ Disclosures for all Individuals in Control of Educational Content (planners, faculty, authors, reviewers, etc.)
☐ Performance-in-Practice Individuals in Control of Content Excel Spreadsheet
☐ Any promotional materials to include the accreditation statement, designation statement, disclaimer as it will be provided to the learners before the start of the activity.

If commercial support of any kind is being received for your activity, please complete the additional required forms:
☐ Itemization of the expenditure of these funds at the category level, e.g. honoraria, faculty and staff travel and lodging, catering, etc. (A response to this item is not required for in-kind commercial support.)
☐ Commercial Support Excel Spreadsheet: List the name(s) of the commercial supporter(s) of this activity and the $ value of any monetary commercial support and/or indicate non-monetary (in-kind) support. Use one row for each supporter.
• Name of Commercial Supporter
• Type of Commercial Support
• Amount of Monetary Support, if any
☐ Letter of Agreement for each commercial supporter to include signatures by the commercial supporter, joint provider and UHMS CME representative.

☐ Required ICHM content areas checklist
☐ Schedule with objectives listed for each lecture
☐ CV/Bio for each faculty member that reflects their hyperbaric specific training and experience
☐ Certificate of Completion template

(submitted after the conclusion of each educational activity)  Closing report documents should be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the CME activity in meeting identified educational needs and to assist in planning and implementing further improvements to the program.
☐ UHMS Closing Report Document Summary/Checklist
☐ Activity Closing Report Excel Spreadsheet: complete all fields (where applicable) on the excel spreadsheet titled “Activity Closing Report Provider name.” Update this same excel spreadsheet as an ongoing list with each course and re-send to be updated in ACCME PARS system upon completion of each course activity.
☐ Evaluation summary: showing how the provider analyzes changes in learners (competence, performance, or patient outcomes) achieved as a result of the overall program's activities/educational interventions. Describe the strategies you used to obtain data or information about changes achieved in learners’ competence or performance or patient outcomes as a result of their participation in this activity, including, for example, questions you asked the learner about changes in competence or performance or other change data such as quality improvement or patient outcomes.
☐ List of all participants: in an excel spreadsheet, even if they are not claiming CME credit. Please include full name, credentials, address, email, CME hours earned.
☐ Final announcement: brochure, handout, PPT slide that contains the accreditation statement, designation statement, disclosure statement and disclaimer policy exactly as it was provided to the learners before the start of the educational activity.
☐ CME Certificates: submit copies of all certificates as provided to the learners
☐ Closing report processing fee: check or credit card payment enclosed ($300)
☐ Recording of program: only If livestreamed, a copy of the program recording is required to keep on file through a shared link and accessible for a 4-year term.
☐ Sharing of Information policy statement: a copy of the registration page showing the “opt-out” option with the “sharing of information” policy statement
☐ Exam scores: Introductory Courses are required to submit the exam scores for all learners in an excel spreadsheet to include the learners full name, credentials, and final score.

Payments should be sent to:
631 U.S. Highway 1, Suite 307
North Palm Beach, FL 33408


UHMS approved introductory course training is expected to require a minimum of 40 hours of face-to-face or livestream hyperbaric medicine specific instruction, formal assessment upon completion, some element of practical chamber‑side instruction, and must be documented by a certificate of completion. A UHMS‑Designated Introductory Course in Hyperbaric Medicine shall cover the following elements: Historical Considerations, Physics of Hyperbaric Exposure, Mechanisms of hyperbaric oxygen, Air Decompression Procedures, UHMS Accepted Indications: Their Scientific Basis and Treatment Protocols, Side Effects and Contraindications, Patient Assessment and Management, Hyperbaric Chamber Systems, Hyperbaric Safety and Emergency Procedures, Administrative/ Management Issues, Clinical and Technical Practicum and a final examination and evaluation.

A UHMS Designated Introductory Course in Hyperbaric Medicine is designed to introduce physicians, nurses and technicians to the theory and practice of hyperbaric medicine. On May 21, 1998 the UHMS Board of Directors established the minimum content, duration, and quality of a UHMS Designated Introductory Course.

Review Guidelines for UHMS Designated Introductory Course in Hyperbaric Medicine:
Clinical instructors must possess a DO, MD, or equivalent international degree, as well as have the appropriate level of training and experience in the topic they present, except those hours directed to clinical nursing that must be taught by an appropriately qualified RN, LVN, or equivalent. Physician Assistants’ (PA) and Nurse Practitioners’ (NP) cannot teach medical decision making indications. A podiatrist (DPM) can teach about diabetic foot ulcer care only, but not treatment in hyperbaric medicine.  Non-physicians may not teach medical decision making lectures requiring clinical judgement. Basic physiology and technical instructors must possess the appropriate level of training and experience in the topic they present.  

Appropriate level of training and experience is defined as:
1. Have at least 5 years’ experience in the active practice of hyperbaric medicine (treating all UHMS approved indications) in at least a 50% time basis and;
2. Must have completed a UHMS Designated Introductory Course approved by UHMS, OR one with similar curricula (must submit the curriculum if the course was not UHMS approved) and must have evidence of additional CME in hyperbaric medicine in addition to a 40 hour course (as evidenced in a CV) or;
3. Board certification in hyperbaric medicine, fellowship training, or completion of UHMS Program for Advanced Training in Hyperbaric (PATH). Physicians who have completed these requirements may be qualified to teach after 2 years of active practice.


The ACCME defines joint providership as the providership of a CME activity by one or more accredited (UHMS) and one or more nonaccredited organizations. Therefore, ACCME accredited providers that plan and present one or more activities with non-ACCME accredited providers are engaging in “joint providership.” Please note: the ACCME does not intend to imply that a joint providership relationship is an actual legal partnership. Therefore, the ACCME does not include the words partnership or partners in its definition of joint providership or description of joint providership requirements.

The accredited provider (UHMS) must take responsibility for a CME activity when it is presented in cooperation with a nonaccredited organization and must use the appropriate accreditation statement.

The ACCME expects all CME activities to be in compliance with the accreditation requirements. In cases of joint providership, it is the ACCME accredited provider’s responsibility to be able to demonstrate through written documentation this compliance to the ACCME. Materials submitted that demonstrate compliance may be from either the ACCME accredited provider’s files or those of the nonaccredited provider. An accredited provider puts their own accreditation at risk when they offer joint providership to another organization. 

ACCME has noted that content validity is more challenging to assure with jointly provided activities. Organizations offering joint providership should ensure any contracts or agreements that are developed with a nonaccredited organization should allow immediate and last-minute revocation of accreditation without penalty to the accredited provider for any issues related to compliance with the accreditation standards including content validity. 

Accredited providers should ensure that joint providers are contractually prohibited from engaging in any unapproved promotional or marketing activities. Gift cards and other high-value incentives are associated with particular expectations. The accredited provider should routinely and regularly review any website or promotional material that lists or advertises the activity to ensure it complies with accreditation expectations. 


Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Inc. ("UHMS”) is jointly providing the continuing medical education course ("CME Course”) outlined in these materials with each indicated jointly provided organization.  The information provided in the materials and by the presenters during the CME Course is for general medical education purposes only ("Information”).

UHMS does not warrant the completeness, accuracy, or usefulness of any approach, view, statement, opinion, advice or service provided through the CME Course. The Information is not warranted to be inclusive of all approaches to a medical issue or exclusive of other methods for obtaining the similar results, but rather the Information is an approach, view, statement, opinion, advice or service of the authors or presenters which may be helpful or of interest to attendees. The approaches, views, statements or opinions of the authors of the materials and the presenters of the Information are their own and do not represent those of UHMS, its affiliates or its employees. The Information is not meant to be a substitute for the independent professional judgment of a physician or other health care professional relative to diagnostic and treatment options for a specific patient's medical condition.

In no event shall UHMS, its affiliates or its employees be liable to any individual or any third party for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages, personal injury or wrongful death resulting from the use of, or the inability to use the Information or as a result of errors or omissions in the Information or materials.