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Associates Council Officers

As your elected Associates Council, we want to hear from you with your questions and suggestions. Please feel free to email us anytime so that we may assist you. You can find our contact information next to our photographs. 

All nominated directors for the positions of Associate Technologist Representatives, Nurse Representatives and Secretary must be Associate Members of the Society in good standing.  The Technologist and Nurse Representative are voting members of the UHMS Board of Directors.  The Technologies and Nurse Rep-Elects, are non-voting members of the UHMS Board of Directors. Each representative must participate in all BOD meetings (one live meeting, all others are conference calls).

UHMS Associates Council Operations Manual (v3: 10/2020)

Technologist Representatives: 6 year commitment

(serves as Tech Rep-Elect-2yrs; Tech Rep-2yrs; and Past Tech Rep-2yrs)

Technologist Representative (2023)


Technologist Representative-Elect (2024)

Daniel Hyun, EMT, CHT

Past Technologist Representative


Nurse Representatives: 6 year committment

(serves as Nurse Rep-Elect-2yrs; Nurse Rep-2yrs; and Past Nurse Rep-2yrs)

Nurse Representative (2024)

Julio Garcia, RN, ACHRN

Nurse Representative-Elect (2024)

Elizabeth "Liz" Smykowski, RN

Past Nurse Representative

Jay Duchnick, RN, CHT

Secretary for the Associates Council: 2 year term

Secretary (2025)

Marie Morales, RN, ACHRN

Communications for the Associates Council: 2 year term


Daniel Christopher MSN, RN, CHRNC