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From the 2024 2nd Quarter Pressure

Laura Josefsen RN, ACHRN

BNA Column -2nd quarter 2024

This is an excellent year for the Baromedical Nurses Association!  Hyperbaric Nurses Day – April 6 (our 8th year) was a success with over 70 attendees!  Great interaction with the presenters and attendees provided further insight, critical thinking, and personal experience regarding clinical issues.  The presentations are available on the BNA website.

We look forward to attending the UHMS Annual Scientific Meeting in New Orleans! Please sign up to attend the BNA luncheon on Friday, June 14th, at noon (advance purchase only) from 12 to 1 p.m. 

The BNA board meeting following the luncheon will be open to all BNA members at the meeting and via Zoom for those unable to attend in person.  The board will review updates on the BNA board and committees' status, pass the gavel to the incoming president, and present the BNA awards for this year.  It is exciting that there were a record number of nominations for awards this year!  The awards are The Diane Norkool Award, The Circle of Excellence Award, The Rising Star Award, and the Laura Josefsen Lifetime Achievement Award.

We will also be in the break area at the ASM with a new look. Daphne Copeland, LPN/CHT, LPN/LVN nurse representative, will print a new tablecloth, and a new banner will be on display to show the new BNA logo! Daphne has also created New BNA Logo Items that are available for sale on the BNA website, Some items will be displayed at the meeting, and you can order items not displayed.

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  • Two of the agenda items to look for this coming year: 
  • Monica Skarban is working with amazing nurses to revise the Hyperbaric Textbook! 
  • 2025 will be the 40th anniversary of the BNA, and our goal is to have a special celebration!
  • We encourage your participation in the BNA.  Your involvement enhances the success of our organization!
  • If you are joining us for the UHMS Annual Scientific Meeting in New Orleans, please be sure to sign up for the BNA luncheon on Friday, June 14th, from 12-1 pm. (there is a fee)