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From the 2024 2nd Quarter Pressure

Elaine M. Silverman, MD, MPH
Linda Zhang, MS
Jay C. Buckey, MD

Multicenter Registry Update for Q2 2024


  • A study on radiation cystitis using registry results is now in publication in the Journal of Urology - Patient Reported Outcome Measures Following Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Radiation Cystitis: Early Results From the Multicenter Registry for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Moses RA, Hunter AE, Brandes ER, Zhang Z, Rees JR, Peacock JL, Bihrle W 3rd, Sethuraman K, Weaver LK, Buckey JC Jr. J Urol. 2024 Apr 4
  • Publication with results for non-UHMS approved indications is under review at the Interactive Journal of Medical Research
  • Kinjal Sethuraman at the University of Maryland is working on the 2023 Annual Report on urgent indications
  • Abstracts with registry results will be presented as posters at the UHMS annual meeting

New Indications in Redcap Template:

  • Hypospadias is being added to the compromised flaps/grafts indication
  • Facial filler injections are being added as a subset of Acute Ischemia
  • Venous ulcers are being added as a non-UHMS indication
  • Sickle cell has been added to the medical history

New Center Enrollment:

  • Northwell Health has completed all requirements and has been added to the registry
  • Alfred Health in Melbourne, Australia, has signed the Consortium agreement

The below are the figures showing the distribution of referral indications for 2023 registry entries and specialties referring patients for HBO2.

Information on joining the registry may be found on the UHMS website through the following link:

Referring Physician 19onNon UHMS indications 2023

Non UHMS indications 2023
Referring Physician 2023