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Number 1

Linezolid penetration into wound tissue of two diabetic patients before and after hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Pornpan Koomanachai, Rebecca A. Keel, Kelly K. Johnson-Arbor, Larry A. Suecof, David P. Nicolau, Joseph L. Kuti


Analysis of clinical outcomes of linear vs. deep stop decompression from 3.5 to 6 atmospheres absolute (350 – 600 kpa) in awake rats

Frans J. Cronjé, W.A. Jack Meintjes, Peter B. Bennett, Surita Fitchat, Alessandro Marroni, Ole Hyldegaard


A review of recent neurochemical data on inert gas narcosis

J.C. Rostain, C. Lavoute, J.J. Risso, N. Vallée, M. Weiss


Investigation of a demand-controlled rebreather in connection with a diving accident

Oskar Frånberg, Mikael Ericsson, Agneta Larsson, Peter Lindholm


Pneumocephalus, a rare complication of diving

Ole H. Budal, Jan Risberg, Kari Troland, Gunnar Moen, Stein Helge Glad Nordahl, Guro Vaagboe, Marit Grønning