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Number 6

Recommendations for rescue of a submerged unresponsive compressed-gas diver

S.J. Mitchell, M.H. Bennett, N. Bird, D.J. Doolette, G.W. Hobbs, E. Kay, R.E. Moon, T.S. Neuman, R.D. Vann, R. Walker, H.A. Wyatt


Therapeutic effect of hyperbaric oxygen on inclusion body myositis

Max Pell, Poovendran Saththasivam, Peter L. Stephens, George Mychaskiw II.


Hyperbaric side effects in a traumatic brain injury randomized clinical trial

E. George Wolf, Jennifer Prye, Robert Michaelson, Gerry Brower, Leonardo Profenna, Otto Boneta


Effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on patients with herpes zoster

Zhengrong Peng, Sue Wang, Xu Huang, Pingtian Xiao


Top-cited articles on hyperbaric oxygen therapy published from 2000 to 2010

Ching-Hsing Lee, Lan Lee, Kun-Ju Yang, Teng-Fu Lin