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Number 2

Nitric oxide-related endothelial changes in breath-hold and scuba divers

S. Theunissen, F. Guerrero, N. Sponsiello, D. Cialoni, M. Pieri, P. Germonpré, G. Obeid, F. Tillmans, V. Papadopoulou, W. Hemelryck, A. Marroni, D. De Bels, C. Balestra


Electrocardiographic aspects of deep dives in elite breath-hold divers

F. Lemaître, V. Lafay, M. Taylor, G. Costalat, B. Gardette B


Physical exercise might influence the risk of oxygen-induced acute neurotoxicity

A.E. Koch, I. Koch, J. Kowalski, J.D. Schipke, B.E. Winkler ,G. Deuschl, J. Meyne, W. Kähler


A prospective trial of hyperbaric oxygen for chronic sequelae after brain injury (HYBOBI)

S. Churchill, L.K. Weaver, K. Deru, A.A. Russo. D. Handrahan, W.W. Orrison Jr., J.F. Foley., H.A. Elwell


The efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the management of chronic fatigue syndrome

S.Akarsu, L. Tekin, H. Ay, A.B. Çarlı, F. Tok, K. Şimşek, M.Z. Kıralp