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Number 5


P 443 Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) for post-concussive syndrome / chronic TBI – Product summary

Col Brian F. McCrary, Lindell Weaver, LCDR Kevin Marrs, COL R. Scott Miller, Cheryl Dicks, Kayla Deru, Nicole Close, COL Marla DeJong


P 411 Swimming-induced immersion pulmonary edema while snorkeling can be rapidly life-threatening

G. Cochard, A. Henckes, S. Deslandes, E. Noël-Savina, M. Bedossa, G. Gladu, Y. Ozier


P 403 Negative pressure breathing increases cardiac output and nitrogen elimination in seated subjects

Claes E.G. Lundgren, Lukas G. Eckhardt, Curtis J. Senf, Melina R. Bowdwin, David R. Pendergast


P 395 Chamber personnel’s use of Nitrox 50 during hyperbaric oxygen treatment: A quality study Research report

Marco B. Hansen, Tejs Jansen, Michael B. Sifakis, Ole Hyldegaard, Erik C. Jansen