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Number 1

Case Report - Frostbite of both first digits of the foot treated with delayed hyperbaric oxygen:

A case report and review of literatureTom C.P.M. Kemper, Vincent M. de Jong, Helen A. Anema, Albert van den Brink, Robert A. van Hulst


Case Report - Hyperbaric oxygen: A useful adjunct for purpura fulminans: Case report and review of the literature

Jeffrey S. Cooper, Peter Allinson, Lon Keim, Joe Sisson, Dan Schuller, Joe Sippel, David H. Kovaleski


Role of iron in lung injury-induced by hyperoxia

D Cao, J Zheng, LF Xian, GM Tang, XJ Sun, WG Xu, HY Tao, K Liu, WW Liu


Assessment of hemostaseologic alterations induced by hyperbaric oxygen therapy using point-of-care analyzers

Enrico Monaca, Hartmut Strelow, Tobias Jüttner, Till Hoffmann, Tim Potempa, Joachim Windolf, Michael Winterhalter


Effect of hyperbaric oxygen treatment in a rat model of abdominal aortic aneurysm

Murat Yalcin, Ömer Yiğiner,  Murat Eroğlu, Özer Şehirli, Ufuk Berber, Fatih Özçelik, Göksel Şener