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Number 4

Hyperbaric oxygenation therapy for crush injuries reduces the risk of complications: Research report

Noriaki Yamada, Izumi Toyoda, Tomoaki Doi, Keisuke Kumada, Hisaaki Kato, Shozo Yoshida, Kunihiro Shirai, Norihide Kanda, Shinji Ogura


Decompression illness in goats following simulated submarine escape: 1993 - 2006

F.M. Seddon, J.C. Thacker, A.S. Fisher, K.M. Jurd, M.G. White, G.A.M. Loveman


Submarine ‘safe to escape’ studies in man

K.M. Jurd, F.M. Seddon, J.C. Thacker, S.L. Blogg, M.R.D. Stansfield, M.G. White, G.A.M. Loveman


Submarine tower escape decompression sickness risk estimation

G.A.M. Loveman, F.M. Seddon, J.C. Thacker, M.R. Stansfield, K.M. Jurd


Ketogenic diet for high partial pressure oxygen diving

J.M. Valadao, J.A. Vigilante , N.W. DiGeorge, S.E. O’Connor, A. Bear, J.Kenyon, H. Annis, J. Dituri, A.E. Dituri, H.T. Whelan


The effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on ischemia-modified albumin levels in people with diabetes with foot ulcers

Tolga Cakmak, Suleyman Metin, Halil Yaman, Seref Demirbas, Senol Yildiz, Turker Turker, Ahmet Akin