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Number 6

Protective effect of hydrogen sulfide on hyperbaric hyperoxia-induced lung injury in a rat model

Wenwu Liu, Kehuan Liu, Chunqing Ma, Jiangang Yu, Zhaoyun Peng, Guoyang Huang, Zhiyu Cai, Runping Li, Weigang Xu, Xuejun Sun, Kan Liu, Juan Zheng


Dysbaric osteonecrosis among professional divers: A literature review

M. Uguen, R. Pougnet, A. Uguen, B. Loddé, J.D. Dewitte


Letters and Responses

Letter: More on scuba diving and bleomycin Richard N. Gray Jr. Letter: Oxygen toxicity seizure during HBO2 therapy Neil Hampson Response: Oxygen toxicity seizure during HBO2 therapy Marvin Heyboer


A case-control study evaluating relative risk factors for decompression sickness: A research report

Naoko Suzuki, Kazuyosi Yagishita, Seiichiro Togawa, Fumihiro Okazaki, Masaharu Shibayama, Kazuo Yamamoto, Yoshihiro Mano


Diving at altitude: From definition to practice

S. Murat Egi, Massimo Pieri, Alessandro Marroni


Decompression tables for inside chamber attendants working at altitude

James Bell, Paul A. Thombs, William J. Davison, Lindell K. Weaver