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A safety assessment of a 300-meter saturation dive at sea by mental ability and performance efficacy

High pressure is an environmental characteristic of the deep sea that may exert critical effects on the physiology and mental abilities of divers. In this study we evaluated the performance efficacy and mental ability of four divers during a 300-meter helium-oxygen saturation dive at sea. Spatial memory, 2D/3D mental rotation functioning, grip strength, and hand-eye coordination ability were examined for four divers during the pre-dive, compression, decompression, and post-dive phases. The results showed that both the reaction time and the correct responses for the mental rotation and hand-eye coordination were slightly fluctuated. In addition, there was a significant decline in the grip strength of the left hand. It is concluded that the performance efficacy and mental ability of divers were virtually unaffected during 300-meter helium-oxygen saturation diving at sea.